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Our Mission

Our main objective is to achieve, through our type of dancing, the upliftment of women and the girl-child in surrounding areas of Cape Town and to get them involved in the art of dancing, to gain confidence, obtain fitness and experience the joy and fulfillment of oriental dancing. Belly Phunk is more than just a dancing school, more than just a bunch of women getting together to shake their stuff...we are a UNIT; we share a love for dance.

Experience the joy and fulfillment of belly dancing with Mish, internationally trained dancer, performer and teacher, 6 years of training experience.
If  fun, enjoyment, interaction with other women, dancing, exercising, swaying your hips (in ways you didn’t know you could!!!) to beautiful oriental music is what you’d like to experience, then please come along and join!!!




Hi, My name is Michelle Hendricks. I was born and raised in Strandfontein on the Cape Flats. I have tried a variety of dancing types during my lifetime, including modern jazz and hip hop dancing until I fell inlove with oriental dancing (bellydancing) in 2005.
I HAVE ALSO BEEN FEATURED IN THE FIRST EVER SOUTH AFRICAN BELLYDANCE CALENDER FOR 2011. I love to promote that Bellydancing is for women of all shapes, sizes and is not prejudiced on fitness levels.

Mish has tried a variety of dancing in her lifetime, including modern jazz, contemporary dancing and hip hop dancing and trained as a hip dancer until she fell in love with oriental dancing (belly dancing) in 2005.
I outlay below my experiences with this art from my inception date being 2005 to now 2011. Trained with an International Bellydance Academy. Principal dancer/ performer/Belly Dance Instructor, choreographer of Belly Phunk from 2008 – current

Dancing styles: Classical Oriental, Modern Oriental, Veil Dancing, Shamadaan (Dance of candles on head), Sword Dance, Arabic Flamenco, Gypsy, Bellydance Fusion....
Get Belly Phunk History and performances here

(‘Michelle, thank you to your  girls for bringing us a funky, hip energy, I think we can safely nominate you as the new Cape Town Shimmy Queen!’ - as quoted by the organiser of the IBDD Festival-( first South African celebration of International Belly Dance Day)