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Client & Student Testimonials

Belly Phunk

We started belly dancing with Mish when she first decided to start a belly dancing school. We started as a small group and practices were in one of our fellow dancers lounge. We learnt amazing belly dancing techniques and even started to choreograph our first official dance. We then moved to big premises at a church and there we learnt a full dance routine and had some good laughs and special moments along the way. We braved up and took part in a belly dancing show at the V&AWaterfront and then a first South African celebration of International Belly Dance Day! It really was an amazing start to special friendships as well as learning so much about how our bodies could move. Each practice was a great workout too. Mish, I’m so proud of how far you have come, you are an amazing belly dance teacher as well as great friend. I wish you all the success for your future. Lots of loveSheneé Dery

In 2009 Creative Bodies and Minds Wellness Centre opened its doors as a ladies only wellness centre. Ladies from all walks of life, shapes and sizes entered our doors. These ladies were all there for different reasons from fitness to friendships to just wanting a change in their lives. There were other fitness programmes, but from the beginning Bellyphunk's Belly dancing headed by Michelle Hendricks was the most popular! I've seen women become more confident, sit and stand straighter and walk with a spring in their step. It was amazing to see the change within the ladies. They physically glow! I should know I too am one of those ladiesZureena Jacobs (principal- Creative Bodies And Minds Drama School and Wellness Centre)

Belly Phunk

Training at Belly Phunk was a really fun experience and easy way to lose weight. It was also a great way of bonding with my family as we all danced together. Mish is a wonderful and patient instructorNazeema Noor

What an amazing experience the past 3years with Belly Phunk has been! Mish gave me back the skill and opportunity to perform professionally again,something I am very grateful for and thoroughly enjoy :-)Good and lasting friendships have been made as well. I look forward to returning to dance after my maternity leave. Yours in dance and loveTaryn Abrahams

I have had a wonderful experience with Belly Phunk. I love the fusion between traditional belly dancing and modern dance/music that Mish has created as it brings something vibrant and funky to the dancing arena. I have gained so much more confidence through the way Mish has taught us and it's an awesome workout too! No more boring gym for meToni-Leigh Davies

Belly Phunk

Michelle, thank you to your girls for bringing us a funky, hip energy, I think we can safely nominate you as the new Cape Town Shimmy Queen!’ - as quoted by the organiser of the IBDD Festival-( first South African celebration of International Belly Dance Day) Tenille Lindeque

I started with Belly Phunk in May of 2010.I heard of the dance school through mutual friends that Michelle and I both have. I was very eager as belly dancing has been something on my bucket list, something I wanted to do for a very long time. I honestly have to say that I definitely couldn’t have picked a more perfect class to join. From the first day I felt like I belong, we all get on very well and there's no animosity amongst us. I love the girls, I love Michelle and I LOVE BELLY PHUNK Candice Lotter

Early 2009 I thought my world was crashing down, but I managed to limp through the bulk of the year, and just when I thought I had ran out of my last possible battery life, I saw a friend of mine was going to Belly Phunk Summer Sensational Party. Out of curiosity I checked out the event on Facebook and then this led me to check out the Belly Phunk Group Page. My curiosity was peeked and I was quite intrigued at this and thought to myself…”what do you have to lose?” So I contacted the group via their email address and was quite surprised at the quick reply and obviously informative email. This was all happening around the end of 2009, and it was decided that I would check out the actual classes when the school reopened in 2010. That was then and this is now…. It’s been over a year and I am still there, enjoying the classes and the events that we perform at, and their parties are always mind-blowing awesome. What I can say is that Belly Phunk has given me a confidence I never thought I had. And lastly…..It has given me a group of friends, who I can say, besides being my friends, they are the sisters I never had and always wanted.Marcia Voegt

I remember the very first time I danced in front of an audience, we danced as a group at the international belly dance day event. I was so nervous but everyone seemed to love us. My very next show infront of an audience, Mish asked me to perform alongside her at the Richard Caesar event, in aid of Beulah Kleinveldt’s son. I was only dancing for a few months by then, and was really honoured to dance knowing it would just be the two of us. Even though I was nervous I enjoyed doing it and felt like a pro! Especially dancing next to someone like Mish who gives you confidence and comfort to make you feel like you’ve been doing it for years! Bellyphunk is like having another family all together!May Belly Phunk continue to grow and do well in everything they do!Chrishanda Esterhuizen

Belly Phunk

It has always been an absolute joy to dance & perform with Mish. Her classes are thoroughly enjoyable and she draws audiences & students with her unique style of choreography. The Belly Phunk functions are always well organised & well attended – an event that should never be missed. Mish loves to give her students opportunities to perform in shows and at functions regularly which helps to build their performance confidence. With her generous nature & dedication to the art of belly dancing, Mish will take her students & Belly Phunk to great heights! Tania Breytenbach

My time at Belly Phunk was one of the most unique and exciting experiences I have ever had. I was able to explore my unique feminine self in a safe and fun environment. I made many friends with woman who I never would have had the opportunity to meet. There's something about accepting your body with a group of woman of all shapes and sizes from different walks of life...its so special and does wonders for your self esteem. Michelle is a gem, a patient, loving and extraordinary teacher and friend!! It was the best year of my life! Natalie Louw

I was inspired to take up belly dancing again after attending a Belly Phunk function. After 6 months I have lost 7kg. So happy to be dancing again! Nicole Brink

A special thank you to Mish for a stunning performance and for entertaining the ladies. I’m sure we all lost a 1kg after all that hips shaking Claudia Caesar

Thanks Mish, that was spectacular!! It was a really great show and I was so stunned when I saw you, I couldn’t believe it! ...Your ladies were great, awesome stuff! Belly Phunk rocked Mountain Road Primary School High Tea ! Chelsea Andrea Roberts